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High-Impact Customer Engagement Events
that Rapidly Accelerate Sales Growth

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“Your program worked exceptionally well. It cut the time to connect with top Northrop-Grumman execs by 6 to 12 months. We are now providing solutions for projects that, prior to this, were impossible to penetrate."
— Don Quackenbush

Generate millions in incremental sales by strategically sharing your company's
thought leadership
with prospects


We inspire decision makers to come to hear your experts and engage in the kind of conversations with your sales people that result in new business


Shorter Sales Cycles = Higher Annual Revenues

Do you know how long it typically takes your company to:

1. Get your prospect’s attention and interest?

2. Clearly communicate what you have to offer the prospect and why it is the best solution to their need?

3. Build a trust-based relationship with the prospect and engage in the type of conversations that results in a business engagement?

Herding Lions Accelerates This Process

Our sales-integrated event marketing strategies typically drive millions in increased annual revenues and profitability.

Why We Love What We Do

Seeing the lights go on in the eyes of the decision makers who participate in the events we create and hearing about the profitable relationships that were developed as a result of our event strategies is what feeds us.

Our High-Impact Customer/Client Marketing Events Rapidly Accelerate Revenue Growth

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